We are all survivors.

Survivor (noun): someone who lives on, keeps going in spite of danger, challenge, or hardship.

Dear Survivor is driven by a belief that they can use the consumer market for good. From their manufacturing relationships to their messaging, from product sales to our imagery, they aim to uplift and encourage.


Dear Survivor is reimagining design. From the upcycled materials they use to ethical manufacturing, their aim is to empower both people and planet.

A portion of every sale goes directly to fighting human trafficking.

Dear Survivor is founder Christine's attempt to right the wrongs she has seen. With the combination of all her skills, passions, and resources. Since day one of her being in business, she has donated a portion of every dollar to GenerateHope, a 501(c)(3) in San Diego dedicated to helping survivors of human trafficking. Christine has chosen to partner with Generate Hope because of their establishment, reputation, and proven methods of rehabilitation. 

 There’s power in the consumer market - let’s use it for good.

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