All decisions, choices and opinions represent opportunities to live life according to your own rules.  This doesn't mean being different for different's sake, but being the person you are. Every human being is a unique individual. Some people have forgotten this.  We haven't

"My inspiration always starts with the stories, my clients life and love stories.  The jewellery I design are your stories, forged in metal and stones."                                                                                                                           Vikki George

Our bespoke design consultation service is complimentary and obligation free including design overview and expert advice. 

You will work directly with our designer and creative director Vikki George.

The consultation/design process: 

It is imperative to know your story and to get to know you first of all, then we can move forward as you wish.  Some people like to bring along design ideas, discuss budget or have heirloom jewellery they want to use the metal and stones from, others don't. 

Our store is located in Christchurch, New Zealand however we work with clients all over the world, so if you don't live in Auckland we can do everything over the phone or video call.   

We will work together with you to design you something amazing. Vikki usually hand draws you a few options to get started then fine tunes the design with you.  When it comes to the types of stones you would like to use in the design, Roccabella has an amazing network of stone suppliers.  We only work with supplies that source ethical and traceable gemstone so what ever you want we can find it and you will know exactly where it is from.  

Once you love the design concept, a 3D computer illustration of the design will done so you can see how the finished design will look.

Its a fun and exciting adventure!

Make an appointment, there's no obligation we're here to help you, offer advice and design you the perfect ring.