Bridal face tip #2

As promised here is our pro tip #2 for your wedding day makeup from award-winning International freelance hair & make-up artist Verity Griffiths.  


The Artist: Definitely your key move in having the Face of the Day... who will make you up? 

Now I’m not just saying it because I am one but let’s face it, makeup is your best friend or your worst nightmare, or in this case your Make-up Artist!! Better sticking with Mother Nature than a poor makeup job. 

Take your time, google and look at a number of people. Don’t just search Bridal Make-up Artists, some of the best people I’ve worked with have been in film or fashion. Look at their current/past beauty work and of course their training and credits. Another key consideration is do you have a connection and most importantly does he or she LISTEN to you? I’m surprised how often I overhear a Make-up Artist tell a client what they will have. Babes you’re paying, you’re the Bride, the First Lady whatever you want is the name of the game!!  

Before the next step, I recommend a visit to MECCA Cosmetica, talk to the team about their best foundations and take testers (the best products you don’t have to buy you can test), wear them. This sets you up to know what a really high-quality base can deliver.

Now TEST, yes! A few Artists, not just one. It’ll cost a little more but it's like getting a tattoo… that shit's for life or at least the pics and video are, it's more than that though it’s how you FEEL on the day, it changes the energy of the whole day and that's what you really remember, that’s the MAGIC. If it's weird ‘auditioning’ your Make-up Artist just say you’re going out to an event but ask for the make-up you want for your wedding and let’s face it we know who will get the job, the Artist who can deliver!