Easy diamond buying guide to the 4C's

1. Carat Weight (Weight, Not Size):

  • What is it? The carat weight measures the weight of the diamond, not its physical size in millimetres. It's a measure of how heavy the diamond is.
  • Easy Tip: Whether mined or lab-created, diamonds with more carats are heavier and typically more valuable. Consider your desired weight within your budget when shopping for a diamond.

2. Cut (Sparkle):

  • What is it? Cut is how well the diamond reflects light and sparkles.
  • Easy Tip: For maximum sparkle, look for diamonds with "Excellent" or "Ideal" cut grades, regardless of whether they're natural or lab-created.

3. Color (Whiteness):

  • What is it? Colour measures how white or yellow the diamond looks.
  • Easy Tip: Whether it's natural or lab-created, aim for diamonds in the G to J colour range. They appear white and are budget-friendly.

4. Clarity (Purity):

  • What is it? Clarity checks for tiny imperfections inside or on the surface of the diamond.
  • Easy Tip: Whether it's a natural or lab-created diamond, choose "VS" or "SI" clarity for clear diamonds that are more affordable than flawless ones.

Bonus Tips:

  • Use a Reputable Certificate: Ask for a certificate from a trusted lab like GIA for natural diamonds or IGI for lab-created diamonds to verify quality.
  • Budget Wisely: Set a budget before shopping, whether you're buying natural or lab-created diamonds, to stay within your financial comfort zone.
  • Balance the Cs: Prioritise your preferences, and remember that a well-cut, clear diamond can be just as stunning as a larger one.

Whether you choose a natural or lab-created diamond, each has its own unique appeal. Select the one that suits your style and budget best. Happy diamond shopping!